and through the optimisation of energy and innovation.

Retaining relevance through research

Transparent digital screens

Quite simply, our screens are changing the face of outdoor advertising.

From fine pitch screens which provide high definition and intense colour for the image-conscious brand, to transparent screens that allow 60% of light through - making them an exciting choice for building branding without impacting on structure or interior lighting. Our screens are eco-friendly, ultra-thin, ultra-light, energy-saving with remote control and centralised system control, ensuring quality and reliability.

We work alongside our forward-thinking customers to pioneer ideas that differentiate, are true to brand and create revenue potential.

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External ambient lighting

We supply external LED RGB lighting to create a visual extravaganza across buildings, walls and natural features.

Consider landscape lighting, wall washers and spot lights to enhance gardens and buildings and create a rich and festive mood after the sun sets.

Our lights are programmed and controlled, reliable, energy efficient and are ideal for the business-park manager, brand director or bold advertising agency.

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Lighting shows and musical fountains

We provide complete entertainment solutions for parks, gardens, shopping

centres and malls.

Our solutions include a variety of musical lighting techniques and sequences, designed to delight customers, shoppers or the proud home owner.

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Green solutions and environmental art

As a responsible corporate citizen we believe that when you interact with the environment you have a responsibility to create artistic features that enhance and protect the natural world.

We endeavour to design creative energy efficient solutions - leaving a positive legacy on the world and not a negative impact on our natural resources.

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The future is now

NextGen technologies are already here and are waiting for innovators to

 fully embrace them.

To quote a famous footballer “the future is no longer what it used to be”.

We are masters of our future. OptimumPM has partnered with forward-thinking NextGen technology developers and suppliers.

The future is beautiful. Let's design it together.

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Green Thinking

Smart technology to smart cities to solar solutions - the future is now

Environmental Installations

Reviving the art of advertising