The packaged approach offers consolidated control and certainty.

Outcomes oriented with delivery guarantees

The more suppliers appointed to an event, the more complex the communication chain, and the greater the room for error, integration and lack of accountability.

The OptimumPM Entertainment Packaged Solutions include all the skills, services and products required to deliver event excellence. Our clients enjoy the benefits of dealing with one, accountable and qualified event director. While, behind the scenes, our engineers, project managers, product experts, construction teams, videographers, light technicians and management team, work seamlessly to turn your event into an immersive brand experiece.

Packaged Solutions pack a punch

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PRODUCTS range from lights, to sound, to video, to screen, to mixing. HD/4k, next-gen - these are standards synonymous with excellence.  

Our wide range of top quality products are available to rent or purchase.

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Packaged Event Solutions are comprehensive, controlled, cost-effective

and cutting-edge.

Precision project management processes form the foundation of our SERVICES which include the consulting, engineering and design, procurement and installation expertise required to deliver your event on time and within budget.

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SKILLS are defined by talent combined with experience and reliability.

Our skilled stage designers, lighting technicians and sound engineers complete the  event solutions package.

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All OptimumPM Events and environmental or branding installations are supported by our Green Thinking policy. Drawing on the knowledge and products of the OptimumPM Group, we will always investigate the feasibility of energy optimisation. Add to this our committment to reducing our carbon footprint, and you can rest assured that your event is enviromentally friendly.

Going green

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One-touch-point packaged solutions include products, skills and services

Packaged Event Solutions