Multi-discipline expertise

with multi-industry experience

  • Complete event solution from consulting, to concept, to completion.
  • Visual, engineering, sound design services.
  • Product sales.
  • Product rentals.
  • Skills and support packages.
  • Event marketing and ticketing services.
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The optimum in service levels and services

Beyond the norm

To take your event to the next level and realise your dreams, we will push traditional thinking and embrance immersive techniques. This is not all about lighting, sound and video, although those elements do play a critical path in audience experience, but consider the following when conceptualising the possibilities:

  • Lighting that is themed - consider christmas or special occassion colours and sequences.
  • Safe havens for children - consider play areas, musical fountains, inflatable lighting.
  • Entertainment parks and open areas - consider ambient lighting that enhances brand or colour schemes, fountains, surround sound.
  • Revenue generating advertising features - turn your building into a digital billboard.

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Event services designed to create, from concept to completion.


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